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Troop Support

We're here supporting our troops day in and day out. Our members offer support to the military community in many different ways, whether that means helping military families get through long deployments or hosting send-off and welcome home events. The VFW knows how important troop support is because all of our members have been there.


Military Assistance Program (MAP) 

Our Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the outstretched hand between the local VFW and military community, offering support around the world. Since 2005, MAP has sponsored events supporting over 2 million service members and their families. 

A large part of MAP is the Adopt-a-Unit program, providing VFW Posts and their Auxiliaries the opportunity to adopt hundreds of military units around the world. Adopt-a-Unit's goal is to develop supportive relationships with units before, during and after deployments to help deliver the vast network of resources the VFW has available to the military.


If you are a service member or a Family Readiness Group leader interested in participating in this program, contact the MAP office today.


Virtual Pins

As an organization comprised entirely of combat veterans, we understand the importance of keeping military families in touch. That's why in 1996 we


created a calling program for deployed service members that provides free phone time to active-duty military personnel and hospitalized veterans. The program initially began with calling cards for deployed and hospitalized troops, and included several days throughout the year where deployed service members could call home call for free. To date, the VFW has provided more than 10 million free connections for service members and their families.

If you have questions or would like to request phone time for your loved one, contact Veterans & Military Support Programs today.

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